A New Selenium

By  Lee Milligan Jr

 Ok , quiet on the set ... and action.  He lifted up his head and beheld her beauty, unlike anyone he has ever seen before. A beauty and grace of such magnitude that it has reached deep within his heart. She just stood there gazing back into his eyes. He stood there and couldn't help notice that she had the most beautiful dark eyes he has ever seen. They both walk up a little closer as he begins to say something to her. " U h mmmm, " choke "  " Sorry , Sorry. I lost all train of thought."  She say's " Its ok " and smiles at him. The Director jumps out of his chair and says " Cut , Cut . Can't you say anything right. I mean is it not to much to ask for the perfect moment with which you most obviously screwed up ? " She looks over at the Director and says " It's ok, its my fault, darn lighting." She gives him a wink. He kind of winks back and says to her. " So do you want to go have a cup of coffee with me ? " She smiles and with an almost instant response. " I would love too." She looks again over at the Director and says. " Is it ok if we take a small break ? " He says " No problem , mabey you can help him with his lines. Ok people lets take a 10 minute break here." They both walk over to the coffee room and she gives him a look of curiosity and says " So what happend ?  I mean we both rehersed this scene I don't know how many times." He sorta gave her a puppy dog look and said. " I know. I just couldn't help noticing that you have the most beautiful eye's I have ever seen." She kind of smiles but then was quick to say. " Well, that is very sweet, I bet you say that to alot of girls." He looks again with the upmost sincere look about him and says. " Well , there have been a few Women in my life, but when I first saw you it seemed for only a brief moment my heart stood still."   She glances back at him as if to speak from her heart. " That's the sweetest thing anyone has said to me. Its funny but a similar thing happend to me I believe at that moment in time. The moment my eyes connected with yours , my heart stood still as it were." They both draw close and as he looks down into her eyes, he says. " Then I guess this is the beginning of a beautiful new Millennium." And they both draw closer and kiss. The Director yells out. " Cut , print ....." He claps his hands.  " Beautiful baby, beautiful ....  Thats a rap."

The importance of Selenium sets the stage so to speak towards your bodybuilding and strength training goals.  Selenium contributes significantly to the production of testosterone by means of proper prostaglandin production. Selenium is also an important antioxidant and works synergistically with Vitamin E in preserving EFA's like GLA and in helping to keep testosterone from breaking down in men and women. Selenium is also an important mineral in helping to improve your immune system protection to counteract primary sarcomere damage from weight training. Remember this, the key here is deficiency so if you are certain that you are deficient then it is a good idea to supplement Selenium in your diet. The RDA is 70-100 mcg per day. Rheo Blair was right all along. Nutrition is 85 % of the battle when it comes to bodybuilding and strength training success.

Please remember to always consult with your Doctor before starting any new supplement and training program.