The Importance of  Saturated Fat in Bodybuilding Nutrition.

By Lee Milligan Jr

 Saturated fats play a vital role in the proper digestion and utilization of proteins. Without fats most especially saturated fats, approximately 60 % of protein can goto waste. Saturated fats also play a role in the proper utilization of essential fatty acids. The EFA Omega 3 from fish are retained longer in the body when the diet contains saturated fats. The mineral Calcium is dependant on saturated fats for transport into the bone structure. Remember this. Vitamins A, D and E are dependant on Saturated Fats for the proper transport and assimilation into the human body. Blair believed that cream optimized Blair's Protein and for good reason. The fact that cream protects the insulin growth factors is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak.

Please remember to always consult with your Doctor before starting any new supplement and training program.