Heavy Quantities of Blair's Protein for Huge Gains

by Jim Shiblom


 Are you taking enough Blair's protein powder to get the results you want? In all the years I  have been training, I must have seen hundreds of trainers never make the big gains they are after. What was the reason? Did they eat enough? Did they train right? When I was trying to get big years ago, I would take small amounts of Blair's protein. I had read where Frank Zane used one cup per day. Robert Kennedy the owner of MMI told me that he watched Arnold down quarts of the protein in his apartment back in 1970. Sergio Oliva was using heavy quantities mixed with half and half years ago. I thought there must be something to this. I increased my intake of Blairs from 1-2 cups per day and quickly added 12 pounds of muscle to my frame. I added 30 pounds to my bench press and one and half inches to my chest and a half inch on the arms. My squat increased by 45 pounds and my thighs increased by a full inch. I was on my way. I continued using heavy quantities for years to reach a high bodyweight of 245. However I found out from Rheo the key was mixing Blair's with cream and milk.
"The preferred liquid for mixing Blair's protein is half-and-half, and for a good reason. Nature seems to indicate that protein and fat should be taken in even balance. Milk with 3% protein is balanced with an equal amount of fat. Likewise eggs, meat, etc. Blair's Protein is extracted from milk and eggs without this normally occurring fat; both eggs and milk were defatted in processing. Whole milk is normally balanced by itself, so if we mix the protein with milk we throw off this natural balance. However, by mixing the protein with half whole milk and half heavy cream we restore some of the fat removed during processing and we achieve a product more normally balanced as to proportions of protein and fat. Remember, you are not actually drinking half-and-half when you follow this suggestion. The protein with half-and-half makes a "milk" drink which is equivalent to whole milk in the balance of protein and fat. It is thick and creamy because it is concentrated."
I was never a big eater, so the Blair's protein combined with half and half over the years worked best for me. I was training heavy and hard. I could use heavier weights for longer periods when I consumed more Blair's protein powder mixed with half and half. My pump was greater and my recuperation was amazing between workouts. Once you achieve the size, power and weight you want, you can cut back on the amount of powder you use. However to get there, you have to consume more protein powder and be patient. It takes willpower to take your protein drinks throughout the day, sometimes three of four times per day. Stick with it and your reward will be greater size, power and increased bodyweight