Free Form Aminos versus BCAA’s

by Jim Shiblom

 I receive more e-mails from people that want to know which amino acids are better: Free Form or BCAA’S. The truth is they are totally different. BCAA‘s make up 35% of skeletal tissue and from the standpoint of bodybuilding may be more important. Leucine is the key branch chain amino acid is for hard training people and bodybuilders. It cannot be manufactured in the body. It helps elevate blood sugar levels and repair of muscle tissue (such as bones, skin and muscles) It helps increase hormone production, wound healing and energy regulation. It can assist in the breakdown of muscle proteins that occur after stress of exercise. Leucine is needed for protein synthesis but for a sound immune system.
Valine is needed for muscle metabolism, repair and growth of tissue maintaining the nitrogen balance in the body. Studies show this branch chain amino acid may be useful in restoring muscle mass in people with liver disease, injuries or who have undergone surgery.Isoleucine helps promote muscle recovery after exercise and assist in blood sugar levels and energy levels. It is also involved in blood clot formation.

The end products in the digestion (hydrolyzation) of protein are tri-peptides, di-peptides, and free form amino acids. Free form amino acids and high-degree hydrolysates with a good supply of the eight essentials are excellent choices to fill this need. There are many suppliers of amino acid supplements that cut costs by producing products that are very little more than egg, milk, whey, or soy protein compressed into a pill and sold as an amino acid product.  A quality amino acid product will either be a complete free form product or a free form/hydrolysate mix that identifies a quality base material, such as casein (milk protein) or egg protein, and that the hydrolyzation process was conducted using the same protein-splitting enzymes that are used in the human digestive process (i.e., pancreatic enzymes). You should only purchase pharmaceutical grade aminos from either JoMar Labs. Tyson Nutraceuticals or Anabol Naturals. If you purchase anything that is not pharmaceutical grade you will be disappointed with the results. If you are looking to purchase the same formula that Rheo Blair sold years ago, you would purchase the aminoplex by Tyson. The strength for each free form capsule is 740 mg which is less then that 1,000 mg strength Rheo sold years ago. It is basically Rheo’s formula but in less strength per capsule