Finding The Best Gym For You

By Jim Shiblom

The are several great gyms I have worked out at over the years. The gym scene has changed. I remember training at the Original Gold’s years ago. You talk about atmosphere, it was great. You could be training there and knew that at any moment some of the best bodybuilders in the world would stroll in for a workout. Most of the gyms today are geared for health and fitness. I remember 20 or 25 years ago, the hardcore gyms were still around and these are the type of gyms I grew up on. Even the Gold’s Gyms today are fitness minded and maybe 5% of the members are really hardcore. You may have to find a gym close to where you live or you may be close to work. I would look for a gym that is well equipped. It should have new cardio equipment, at least 10,000 pounds of free weights so you do not have to walk a mile to get a plate. The gym should have at least three of four bench presses and maybe two or three incline bench presses. Above all there should be an Olympic bar on each rack. This is important as I have found many gym owners will not replace bars or buy new ones. I mean what gym owner would not spend $200 for a Texas Power Bar. These bars last a lifetime and one membership takes care of that bar. Yet over and over again in the gyms I visit, I see this as a major problem. Next check to make sure there are double sets of dumbbells so you do not have to wait to use them. Examine the leg equipment. Do they have two leg presses? How about two squat racks. Remember your time is to get in and out of the gym. Take a guess pass for three workouts. This will give you time to examine each piece of equipment. Finding the right gym can include atmosphere, hours and staff. Now use your brain and store all the facts. After all you want to build a great body and it starts with the right gym