The Forgotten Supplement: Blair's Liver Extract

by Jim Shiblom

Every so often I look back at the old days of bodybuilding. In the old days advanced supplements were not around.  Bodybuilders were using desiccated liver tablets in the 1960's . Many used between 50 and 100 per day and reported gains in strength, improved skin color and increased energy. The late Iron Guru Vince Gironda was the biggest supporter of Blair's Liver Extract and his students would include 5 or 10 taken three or four times per day. Rheo Blair developed the Blair Liver Extract in the 1960's .  Blair's Liver Extract popularity began to rise in the 1970's . Most top bodybuilders at Gold's in Venice were using them, which included Dave Draper. Draper was a firm believer in liver capsules and still uses them today. As a matter of fact, Dave came out with his own liver capsules in the early 1970's .Dave has said many times what worked back then still works today. I would have to agree with him.

When Frank Zane won his three Mr. Olympia titles he was using Blair's Liver Extract. In the September 1978 IronMan issue, Zane listed his supplement routine. In the most intense phase of his training, Zane stated he used between 30 and 60 liver extract capsules per day. In his book entitled "Zane Nutrition written in 1986, Zane stated "Taking liver extract regularly we have noticed an improvement in our hair, skin, energy and muscle tone". His book may be the best book ever written on nutrition. I consider Frank Zane a master when it comes to supplementation and nutrition. I first met him back in 1967 at Harry Smith's Gym in Tampa.

Rheo Blair helped legendary tennis star Bobby Riggs in the showdown between male and female in the tennis match of the century in 1973. Rheo put Bobby Riggs on his liver extract. Riggs was taking between 50 and 60 per day. I have Bobby Riggs book and there are pictures of him consuming Blair's Liver Extract in huge quantities. While Bobby did not defeat Billie Jean King in the tennis match, he did beat Margaret Court and was using heavy liver extract at that time. Riggs later went on the tonight show and informed Johnny Carson that his energy was so great, he felt he could run through a brick wall. There are also records in my possession which show that movie stars were using heavy quantities of Blair's Liver Extract while on Rheo's program.

So Why was Rheo Blair's Liver Extract Unique?

Blair's Liver Extract helped in blood building, giving you iron. It also helped in patients that had liver disorders. Since Rheo worked with youngsters that had disorder problems, his liver extract was used regularly to help improve the immune system. Rheo worked with teenagers that had developed allergies, so the liver extract was very useful in helping to treat this. The end result was these youngsters health was improved but mainly due to mega doses of his liver extract. Rheo always felt that the minimum daily requirement for vitamins, minerals and supplements in general did nothing to improve the health. He believed in mega dosages and his work over the years proved his case. In the field of bodybuilding, Blair's Liver Extract helped bodybuilders and athletes increase their strength and endurance

Blair's Liver Extract contained 20 times the potency of raw liver. Blair's "Original" Liver Extract was used by former Mr. Olympia champions, athletes, entertainers and movie stars worldwide. As Rheo Blair stated "We feel although both liver in its whole form and in the dry form are valuable. it is possible to obtain far more of these important nutrients by the use of liver extract. This is an extraction from whole, raw liver of the very goodies we are eating liver to obtain in the bloodstream". The Blair Liver Extract is this extraction of the nutrients we are after from whole liver, offered in a powder with capsules, which gives these nutrients in FREE FORM, ready for immediate assimilation". Free Form means it is ready to go into the body without being digested. The end result is improved health, strength and skin tone.