Do You Really Want the Truth?

By Jim Shiblom


I receive many letters from trainers who always ask me, should they purchase this new book on bodybuilding or a new book exposing the truth about some fallacy on supplement or style of training. The truth is each one of us governs how we think, act or perform on a daily basis. There are good books on the market such as Bill Pearl’s Keys to the Inner Universe or Dick Tyler’s West Coast Bodybuilding Scene. Other great books include “Muscletown USA”, and several of Dave Draper’s books. Also Larry Scott’s Loaded Guns, which he gave me for free and autographed when the book came out in early 1992. These books will provide the reader with enthusiasm and keep his interest alive. Pearl’s book is by far the best book ever written and should be in your library. I would never advise anyone to purchase books that say they expose truths in bodybuilding or provide the potential reader with what they need to know. Most of these so called pamphlets are not really books and strictly the opinion of the writer. If I have to count everyone that has slammed me over the years about selling Blair’s Protein, I would be rich. Certain things come with the territory. So the next time you spend your hard earn money purchasing a pamphlet or book, ask yourself a question: How valuable will this book be in my library and who is the author?