Specialized Pieces of Equipment can make a difference in your training

by Jim Shiblom

It was February of 1991 when Larry Scott came to Atlanta for the Supershow. He arranged for me to work with him in the Paramount booth, since he was designing equipment for them. We sat at the Steak and Ale eating prime rib as Scott discussed his new equipment line which was due out in a few months. I was very interested so I brought gym owner John Coffee who owned Coffee's gym to meet Scott at the show. Scott sold John the new Paramount shoulder Press for his gym which Scott designed. John was also interested in the new Scott line of equipment. I knew these pieces had to be something special. They were. I purchased the preacher bench, six inch tricep bench, tricep machine and twin pedestal bench that goes with it, and the forearm bench. These pieces brought new growth to my biceps, triceps and forearms and I had turned 40 at that time.

John Coffee also purchased the same pieces for his gym. The result was unbelievable. Members at Coffee's  gym were packing on size and mass on their biceps, triceps and forearms. The woman who won the 1993 Ms Georgia Bodybuilding Championship told Scott that she packed on ½" on her arm that year and won best arms. You have to know how to use these pieces which I found out was the key. Today I have become a master on how to use Scott's pieces of equipment for top gains. I probably have trained over 100 people at Coffee's Gym on how to use these pieces. The tricep machine will allow you to build big triceps while working the long head of the tricep and also take the stress off the elbows. The six inch tricep bench allows you to use massive weights using the ez curl bar for close bench press without a spotter. The Scott Preacher Bench is unique because it allows the bicep to stop itself on the way down rather then the weight pulling you down at the bottom. It also is rounded at top with heavy wood and high density foam, which protects the elbows. The forearm bench is really unique because it allows you to get your hips below the bench and get down and wrist curl more then if you used a regular flat bench. I can guarantee the forearm bench is the key to building bigger biceps. If you use Scott's routine, you will make more gains then you ever did working biceps.

If you want to increase the size and power of your biceps, triceps and forearms, you should get his equipment. Most gyms do not have these pieces because they are specialized pieces. Even though Coffee closed his gym after more then 20 years of operation, there may be some gyms across the country that carry these pieces. The advantage I have is even though Coffee's Gym is closed I have them at home where I can use them on arm days. Back when The Mr. Olympia was held in Atlanta from 1993-1995, I would see some competitors trying out Scott's equipment at Coffee's Gym in Marietta. Most all of them did the movements wrong, but of course they had never seen specialized pieces of equipment like these before. While Vince may have invented some of these pieces, Scott refined them with better angles and improvements to maximize gains