Is It Worth The Price?

By Jim Shiblom


I have been training for many years. Today I can say that I am still as big and strong as I was in my twenties, thirties and forties. Is this possible? Letís examine some facts. First of all, my joints are in great shape and heavy training is no problem for me. I have over the years eliminated exercises that put pressure on the joints. These exercises include press behind neck, dips, military press, bent over rows. I replaced these exercises with other ones. I usually train for 12 weeks, and then take a week off to allow the joints to recuperate. I have seen many trainers as they age, loss size and power due to abuse on the joints or improper training. Genetics and proper training account for the ability for a trainer to keep power and size. However protein grams are also the key. If you take steroids you are not going to keep your joints healthy as you age. My recommendations are to train heavy, take layoffs, eliminate exercises as you approach the age of 40. Keep protein levels high as you age. This theory about cutting back protein grams as you age is nonsense. It is gratifying for me to be able to lift poundageís like I did years ago and carry the size I still have. For me it is worth the price of training day in and day out. However for those that seem to be a mere shadow of their former self, this may not be true. You must be able to look ahead and see things in the future. This includes boosting your immune system to a high level and knowing which exercises to use and why. If you are not willing to change, then your progress will come to and end as you age and your power and size will diminish. Train heavy but not all the time in every workout. BE SMART