The Drug Scene in Bodybuilding

By Jim Shiblom


I always receive letter from trainers that want to know about steroids in sports. It is no secret that pro bodybuilders years ago used steroids regularly. Today most top pros all are chemical bodybuilders. Once they get off steroids, they usually lose about 50 pounds of muscle. It is so rampant today that even the promoters cannot handle the situation. So what is the answer? It has to start with the promoters. Competitors influence young trainers. Years ago size was not the major consideration in winning contests. Today the magazines display top pro bodybuilders with using massive weights. Most of these weights are staged. Pictures of top pros consuming protein drinks as to indicate this is why they are so big. The thing is young trainers actually believe this. I hear them in the gym. Some really think it is due to supplements, so young trainers go out and spend fortunes, only to see less results. Do I think steroids will continued to be used in bodybuilding? The answer is yes. In the mid 1980ís, laws were passed which made steroids illegal. However the black market continues and only time will tell when this will eventually be stopped.