Winter Time is Great for Bulking Up

by Jim Shiblom

Winter time has arrived, particularly in the east coast. One of my customers e-mailed me and received 12 inches of snow in Michigan. However he does not care. You see this customer owns a construction company. This is the time he enjoys most, because he trains hard and likes to bulk up. He ordered 50 pounds of Blairís Protein a month ago. From December 1st through March, it is usually cold where he is at. This year he wants to put on 15 pounds in four months. He told me he is going to take two cups per day mixed with a low amount of cream and 2% milk. Another one of my customers lives in Buffalo, New York and I do not have to tell you how cold it gets in Buffalo or how much snow they get. This customer is already in heavy training using high amounts of Blairís Protein, combined with heavy squats and deadlifts. He tells me the cream and milk taste better during winter time versus in the summer. It makes sense. That cold cream and milk mixed with Blairís Protein goes down good. The best time to use Blairís Protein is in the fall and winter time to bulk up. Many customers look forward to this. It gives them a goal to reach. However other customers in California are satisfied with the year round warm weather and mixing Blairís with coconut, cream and milk. I remember years ago, it was much colder in Atlanta and bulking up was great in the fall and winter. Whatever time it is, Blairís Protein will fit the bill for anyone who wants to bulk up with size.