Armed Chair Bodybuilders?

By Jim Shiblom


Recently I browsed through some old bodybuilding magazines and found an article back in 1968 entitled “Armed Chair Bodybuilder”. It seems that nothing has changed in all these years. In the gym I still see trainers who never train or push for progress. The other day a young trainer came into the gym, did two exercises, did the treadmill for 5 minutes, and then left the gym. This trainer walked around the gym and talked for 15 minutes on subjects that ranged from boxing to martial arts. He lacked the desire to really hit the weights hard. This young trainer usually comes to the gym four times a week. So what is his problem? He is a dreamer. I have seen it so many times over the years. Years ago I knew someone who lived only one mile from the best gym around. He found every reason to miss a workout. The gym was too crowded, it was not his day, his energy level was low or he had a lousy day at work. You can dream all you want about getting big and strong, but unless you have it within you, you will fail or never make it. I would advise trainers to carefully get ready for a hard workout at the gym. Before you drive to the gym, put yourself in a state of mind, where you visualize what you will be doing. Once you hit the gym, forget everything else until your workout is over. Stay focused because you can be at a gym for years making no progress, then suddenly you wake up and realize your good years for growing are gone.