The Larry Scott I know

by Jim Shiblom

 I receive many letters and e-mails from people that want to know my relationship with Larry Scott. Some questioned whether I knew him and others knew the real deal. This editorial really sets the record straight. I first met Larry Scott in April of 1978 when I attended the Greater Mr. Florida show in Tampa. Scott was the guest poser. I hit it off with Scott and by December 1978 I had brought him to Atlanta for a guest seminar and posing exhibition at a local gym. Scott had just turned 40 and was in tremendous shape. It was Scott who suggested I start using two cups of Blair's Protein per day mixed with half and half. I had never used that much Blair's Protein Powder. I followed his advice and size, weight and power came my way. Scott continued to do shows for me as I promoted contests through the 1980’s. His last show for me was the AAU Mr. Eastern America held in Atlanta in July 1987.
In July 1987, I picked up Scott at the Atlanta Airport, as he was in town for four days. He was a promoter’s dream. We went to all the gyms in Atlanta and passed out free seminar and contest tickets to the gym owners. Scott would even roll up his sleeve and flex his arm when aspiring bodybuilders asked him to. When he left he gave me two posters and one he wrote "Jim you are a born emcee." I was the emcee and co-promoter of the contest. We sold out all the tickets.
Larry Scott and I hooked up again at the first Arnold Classic in March 1989. I sat at his booth with a young 23 year old computer expert named Gary Madsen. The Blair Company was in trouble and Scott mentioned developing his own products if the Blair Company folded. By June 1989 they folded. In September of 1989 Scott came out with a protein called Super Weight Gain which was a milk and egg protein. It was the best tasting I ever used and the most unique because it was lactose free. No protein powder on the market back then was lactose free. The Hypergrowth Protein was not born yet. I was the leading seller of this protein and ended up using it for five years. I also sold other Scott products. Larry Scott makes quality products and I know because I used them for years.
In February 1991 Scott called me and said he was coming to Atlanta for the Supershow for Paramount for three days. He was designing equipment for them and arranged to get me a badge and work with him at the Paramount booth. Scott told me he was manufacturing special pieces of equipment of his own which would accentuate gains. I later distributed and sold his equipment to Coffee’s Gym in Atlanta. In March 1992 I made it to the Arnold Classic in time to work with Scott at his booth. I must say it was certainly nice to watch these contests for free. It was interesting to meet Reg Park and some other famous bodybuilders. Bill Pearl saw me so many times with Scott over the years, he could never pronounce my last name, so he called me Jim.
In July 1992, Larry Scott sent Gary Madsen to Atlanta to work with me at the Mr. Georgia contest. Scott was on vacation in Hawaii. It was my job to promote his new book. While we sold many books, everyone wanted to see Larry Scott. They saw his booth and figured he was there. In the fall of 1992, Scott sent me a free five pound bag of the new Hypergrowth. There were only six of us trying it out. It was great and he started selling in containers. In 1993 the Mr. Olympia was held if Atlanta and Scott came with his booth and I helped him once again. The next three years the Mr. Olympia was held in Atlanta and I would work with Scott when he came to town. One time at the Mr. Olympia in Atlanta, Scott shipped all his protein to me rather then shipping it to the Atlanta Civic Center. I then brought the protein to him in my car and unloaded it in his booth.
I got to know Larry Scott pretty well over the years and not only trained with him sometimes, but promoted and sold his products. I always thought Larry Scott was a person that had much to offer aspiring bodybuilders. Too many top name bodybuilders would never give much of their time to help others. Scott continues to help trainers today even though he is now 66. Just like the late John Grimek who I met many times, Scott keeps on going.