An Investment in Time.

By Lee Milligan Jr

 Ok , quiet on the set ... and action.  A brilliant man stood alone, alone in his thoughts as he thinks to himself. " I know there must be a sequence here I am missing, a sequence of frequency that eludes me, a sequence that will unleash the time machine to its fullest potential." An Electrical Engineer of sorts having spent much of his time on this project. He presses on just as his wife betty walks to the door. She sees him working hard on his project. She knows he is a dedicated man and a very loving husband to her. She thinks back to when they first met. A rather handsome man in her eyes. He being a bit shy first caught glimpse of her eyes. She knew from that moment that she would have to be the one to make the first move. She noticed the book in his hand and its author. The Time Machine by H.G. Wells. She walks up to him and says. " I noticed that your book is about time travel, that sounds very interesting to me." He smiles at her and for a moment he noticed her beautiful dark eyes as he says. " Yes, it is very interesting. The idea of time travel seems a bit far fetched to most but I personally believe it is plausible." He kind of winks a bit at her as if to kid at her in a dorky sort of way and says. " Well, its really nice to meet someone who at least has an interest in time travel." She smiles at him for a moment and then says. " The idea of someone traveling through time is a rather fasinating concept. Hi , my name is Betty." She reaches out her hand as he reached out they both shake hands. He looks again at her and says. " Well hi to you too." While smiling. "My name is David." She gives him a warm look of interest and says. " So , David , very nice to meet you. Would you perhaps be interested in having a cup of coffee with me ?" He just smiles and she knew right away what his response would be without him even saying a word as he says. " I would love to."  Her thoughts have brought her back to the present as she still sees him working away. She walks in and places her hand on his shoulder and says. " Honey, its really late, tomorrows another day, come to bed now." He turns to look at her with his tired eyes and says. " In a moment babe, just a few more minutes and I'll turn in." She being very understanding, she just looks back into his tired eyes and says. " I know how important this project is to you, so I won't try to pull you away. Just know that I will be waiting for you when your done." He just sat there and in that special moment, he lost all train of thought as the time machine slipped out of his hand and fell to the floor. She reaches out to pick it up for him as she says. " Honey , let me get that for you." He turns his head to look down and as he sees her reaching for the time machine, it somehow vanished before their eyes. She jumps back as if to be frightened, as she looks over at him and says. " Honey , what happend ? Where did the machine go ?? He looks at her and begins to laugh as he says. " Oh , did I forget to say ? I stumbled across a frequency and found a time portal." She smiles and says. " You were playing a trick on me wern't you ?" He laughs some more as he says. " You are so cute to me you know that." Just then the machine reappears as he gets out of his chair and grabs hold of her and hugs her close as he says. " Honey, we did it." She being full of excitement says to him. " I am so proud of you." as they both embrace and kiss. The Director yells out. " Cut ,  Print ......  Excellent work !   Thats a rap.

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