The Endurance Policy

By  Lee Milligan Jr

 As the smoke clears down a long and straight 1/4 mile track. Max looks out with anticipation and slight apprehension. This is his first time out with his yellow and black top 69 El Camino fully loaded SS 396. Freshly tuned from the previous night, the massive engine purrs like a thoughbred tiger waiting to be unleashed. The ticket call is given, and he's ready to go as he pulls upto the red light. He looks over and see's a pretty girl with dark hair and dark eye's looking over at him driving a really nice 69 Shelby Mustang GT500 Fastback sporting a healthy sounding 428. He glances over again at her eye's as if to be in a spell. Its almost time and he needs to focus on the task at hand.  The tree light goes to yellow as she looks over at him smiling while reving her engine up. Max knows that if he loses focus here, she will fly right past him like a bolt of lightning. They both move up to the final stage as their engines begin to rev up.  The light turns green and they hit the gas. The roar was so loud as he got into the 2nd gear chirp. 3rd gear was even better as his El Cam accelerates hard. He looks over again just to see her eye's in what was a moments time but seemed to be an eternity. He shuts down his throttle as he watches her fly past him. The doorway has opened, it was love at first sight. She won of course.

Vitamin E is the best endurance policy one can possess, most especially when it comes to maintaining energy , stamina, and structural integrity of the Hormone Testosterone. Vitamin E helps the blood carry oxygen in the cells, and keeps cells from oxidizing, The pituitary gland necessary for Testosterone production is nurished by Vitamin E. Vitamin E helps to keep testosterone from breaking down in men. The red blood cells life in the human body are prolonged by the Gamma Tocopherol component in Vitamin E.  The best Vitamin E on the market is from a company called A.C. Grace. The product is called Unique E. Vitamin E is an important factor in ones nutritional regimen when it comes to weight and strength trainer success.

Please remember to always consult with your Doctor before starting any new supplement and training program.