The Copper Mind

By  Lee Milligan Jr

 Maxine walks into her most favorite of Gyms. Gold's Gym, renoun for having the best and most famous of trainers. After checking in, she noticed that it was almost closing time and she could see some of the staff wiping down the machines. She glances around the gym to find that half of the lights were shut down and most of the trainers had went home for the evening. The atmosphere kind of reminded her of her Grandfathers stories working at the Copper Mine. Most of the staff there new her well and they allowed her to stay an extra half hour or so. After a thorough warmup, she decides to get a few sets in on the Smith Machine. With weight plates stacked, and a firm grip of the bar in hand, she descends lower. Diligent effort notwithstanding, she rigurously goes through her set and feels that he has enough brute strength to blast through a granite wall. Fully confident from her initial onslaught, she adds a few more pounds to increase her intensity. Maxine jackhammers through her sets as if she's working right beside her Grandfather in an effort to reach her paydirt as it were.  She keeps her pace straight and steady as she guts out her last reps with every inch of her recruited muscle fibers, and stops short just below the threshold of failure. Maxine finishes her last set in time to hit the shower.

 The importance of Copper in bodybuilding nutrition is profoundly undermined. Copper contributes significantly to the conversion and metabolism of Cholesterol into Testosterone. Copper contributes also to protein synthesis and muscle tissue repair. Copper is also helpful in keeping your immune system strong to help counter balance the stressed induced microtrauma from weight training. Copper is nessesary in the synthesis of red and white blood cells. Copper also aids in the absorption of Iron and helping to release stored Iron from the Liver. The RDA is set at 2mg. Zinc Picolinate from Nature's Life mentioned in the December 2006 Monthly tip comes with 2mg of Copper. So you see now that Copper is of great benefit in the diet of a Bodybuilder.

Please remember to always consult with your Doctor before starting any new supplement and training program.