Natural Testosterone from Within


By  Lee Milligan Jr

 Proper nutritional practices, most especially within the Bodybuilding arena, are to be maintained for the human body to naturally produce Testosterone. Cholesterol is the body's grand master hormone if you will to which all other metabolic pathways begin. Through optimal mineral balance, the human body will up-regulate or down-regulate Testosterone production to safe levels. Cholesterol has taken a bad rap and as a result a new industry has begun. We do not advocate nor support the use of pro-hormones because of the possibility of the suppression of natural Testosterone production. I have read of one story where a father wrote of his son using pro-hormones to gain an edge in bodybuilding status. He came home one time to greet his Dad and during a talk with him, the conversation turned into an argument and the boy beat his Dad down and nearly put him in the Hospital.  He stated that he had never seen his Son behave in this manner before.  Enough said . Remember that nutrition is 85 % of the battle when it comes to bodybuilding fitness and health.
Please remember to always consult with your Doctor before starting any new supplement and training program.