The missing Zinc

By Lee Milligan Jr

 When it comes to maximizing your strength and muscle building potential, then Zinc is of paramount importance in that respect.  You see Zinc is nessesary for Vitamin A to be properly transported from the liver. Zinc is also responsible for protein synthesis, RNA, and DNA synthesis and is a primary potentiator for Testosterone production. Zinc inhibits levels of aromatase throughout the body so that natural Testosterone levels will remain high. Zinc also stimulates the Pituitary Gland to release  Luteinizing Hormone which in turn causes the Testes to produce Testosterone. The best supplement we have found so far is from a Company called Nature's Life which is Zinc Picolinate in a 30mg strength. The RDA is set at 15mg per day but for Weight and Strength Trainers using a high protein diet, a good start would be 30mg per day. Zinc is one of the most important Minerals nessesary for  Bodybuilding fitness and health.  Please remember to always consult with your Doctor before starting any new supplement and training program.