More on Boron

By  Lee Milligan Jr

Amist the confusion and rederick thus displayed at the dawn of the Ironage of Bodybuilding. The professor is once again conducting his research in his hopes of finding bodybuilding truth.  He stumbles across a website forum on-line. His enthusiasm being fueled with curiocity, he begins his journey within its pages. Thus from the mear glance of common idiocity eminating from the messageboards, he has come to the conclusion that there is a nutritional deficiency that is unaminusly complacent amongst the horde. He has put forth much effort to restore truth, but the horde would not listen. He makes a final appeal in the hopes of bringing restoration back once again in the spirit of his own generocity. The post title read , "Guy's, you need Boron."

The importance of Boron most especially when it comes to proper bodybuilding nutrition is of high value when one is presented with a deficiency of such.  Boron contributes significantly to the proper conversion of cholesterol into testosterone. Boron is also responsible for the proper retention and utilization of Calcium for a strong bone structure. Boron also contributes to the immune system which is vital for counteracting microtrauma. The key here as in all things nutritional is Nutrient Deficiency. If you know from your diet that you are deficient in Boron, then this trace mineral will help in those areas stated above. There's no RDA for Boron but a safe level would be 3mg per day. Simple knowledge of nutritional truth will go a long way towards your bodybuilding and fitness goals.

Please remember to always consult with your Doctor before starting any new supplement and training program.