Fahrenheit  3-6-9

By  Lee Milligan Jr

He sits alone at his desk with much thought as to his next formulated concoction. A well known Professor at a very prestigeous University with much accredited to his esteem, he thinks to himself.  " I must come up with a formula that will maximize natural Prostagladin production in an effort to postulate mans testosterone to its fruition." The manner in which his efforts have brought him to have been less then stellar. With grant money dwindling and at a loss of ideas, he decides to take a walk just outside the lab to think on things if you will.  He walks outside just as his trusty assistant Gina walks up. She says to him looking with her beautiful dark eyes. Professor, I was doing some research on a component called GLA or Gamma Linolenic Acid which is responsible for the series 1 prostaglandin production. He looks at her and smiles. " Excellent work Gina, now we just need to find this component in its highest concentrations." They both go back into the lab to do some research. The professor sits down at his desk and begins his search. He looks over at Gina and says. " I need you to help me find a compound that has the highest level of GLA for me." She sits down at her desk and says. " Ok, I will give it my best." About 15 minutes later Gina discovers some interesting information. " Professor, I found two components that have the highest level of GLA. One is called Evening Primrose Oil which contains about 10 % GLA and the other is called Borage Oil which contains the highest level of GLA at 22 %." He gets up out of his chair in excitement. " Great work Gina, I will be right back." He heads over to the supply center to see about getting some Borage Oil. He returns back with a bottle of Borage Oil. " This is it Gina ! This formulation will produce the nessesary prostaglandins in the human body to maximize natural testosterone production. " He turns over to her and says. " Thank you Gina, I couldn't have done it without you. "

EFA's or Essential Fatty Acids should be an important part of a trainers diet. GLA or Gamma Linolenic Acid is one of those important EFA's. You see GLA is responsible for the production of the series 1 prostaglandins or PGA-1. PGA-1 is responsible for the conversion process of your bodys cholesterol into testosterone production. PGA-1 is responsible for a strong immune function which is critical for heavy weight trainers. So you see now the importance of GLA and its derivatives that convert into Prostaglandins and the subsequent hormone testosterone. The best source of GLA is from Borage Oil which has 22% GLA. The next best is Evening Primrose Oil with 10% GLA.

Please remember to always consult with your Doctor before starting any new supplement and training program.