B Complexities

By  Lee Milligan Jr

 The pilot looks west out his port side canopy.  He sees the fire raging onward consuming everything in its path. No doub't as to what he needs to do.  He sees his smoke signal lighting the way with which his Fire bomber of water will be deployed. As he nears his target sight, his number two engine spudders and spits. He adjusts his fuel mixture to compensate. The engines roar loudly as he comes around for his final approach. The number 9 engine from Jakes crew radio's ahead and says all is clear. The pilot brings his bomber in and drops his payload on target. Jake radios in to the pilot "The fire is contained. Great Job ! " He circles around to see his days work and heads back to base.  Meanwhile the ground crew struggles hard amist the southend of raging flames. Engine 12 radios in for reinforcements. Jakes crew responds first to the scene. The Captain radios to Jake. " We need to rig up that water canon and help relieve pressure off of engine 12's crew." Jake gives the order to rig up the water canon. The fire is at its peek, so much so that it lights up the evening sky. Jake holds on the water canon and fires it into the southside base of the flames. The crew fights the roaring flames hard thru the night. Their efforts pay off, the fire has been contained.

This one goes out to all Firemen who risk their lives to help save others in desparate need. We salute you.

The importance of B Complex in bodybuilding nutrition is of upmost priority. B Complex is mostly responsible for proper protein metabolism and utilization of amino acids to our muscles. B Complex is also crucial in converting essential fatty acids ( EFA's) into prostaglandins which are important in the primary production of testosterone.  B Complex plays a role also in insulin & growth hormone synthesis. Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate which is an active liver converted form of Pyridoxine (B6) is responsible for proper utilization of protein, carbohydrates and fats into energy. The B complex we recommend is from a company called Jarrow Formulas. The product is called B-Right. Rheo Blair believed that B Complex was necessary for bodybuilding and strength training success.

Please remember to always consult with your Doctor before starting any new supplement and training program.