The Haunting at Mc Flattery's Gym.

By  Lee Milligan Jr

 It was late and the Gym was about to close. Reese looks over and sees his friend at the Spider Bench shaking as if he saw a Ghost. " Hey buddy you ok ? " Still no response. " Steve, snap out of it your starting to worrie me. " " I'm ok, I just thought I saw something over in the corner at the dead lift station. " " Well, perhaps I should tell you about a man who once trained here many years ago." "This man had died while training. It seems that he had a bad heart or so I've read." " I never knew about that happening here before." " Not many people do, but there are a few that have spotted a ghostly figure at the dead lift station." " Some say that he still comes here to train as if its his unfinished business if you will. Tell me what did you see ?." " I was just sitting here working the Spider Bench and I glanced over at the deadlift station. I swore I saw a man there doing dead lifts but then a moment later he disappeared. I went over to the station to find that no one was there , very strange."  " Yes, very strange indeed." "It looks as if he's only interested in finishing his workout." " Yea, that's one dedicated trainer for sure." He shakes his head and continues on with his training.

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Please remember to always consult with your Doctor before starting any new supplement and training program.