Lee Milligan Jr's Nutrition Tip of the Month


The Importance of a balanced Fat factor in Bodybuilding Nutrition.      May   2010


The Importance of Onion in Bodybuilding Nutrition.     September   2009

The Importance of Kelp in Bodybuilding Nutrition.     February   2009


The Importance of a High Protein Breakfast in Bodybuilding Nutrition.    November   2008

The Negative Effects of a Low Fat Diet in Bodybuilding Nutrition.   October   2008

The Importance of Water Timing in Bodybuilding Nutrition.   September  2008

The Whole Milk is Greater then the Sum of its Parts.   August  2008

The Negative Effects of a High Fiber Diet in Bodybuilding Nutrition.   July 2008

The Importance of  Saturated Fat in Bodybuilding Nutrition.   June 2008

The Importance of Egg Cholesterol in Bodybuilding Nutrition.   April  2008

An Investment in Time   March  2008

A New Selenium   February  2008

More on Boron   January  2008


Fahrenheit  3-6-9  December  2007

B Complexities  November  2007

The Haunting at Mc Flattery's Gym.October  2007

The Protein Proficiency   September  2007

Delight of Day   August  2007

C  What I Mean   July  2007

The Endurance Policy  June  2007

The Copper Mind    May  2007

Operation BCAA    April  2007

Creating a Nutritional Mindset    March 2007

Natural Testosterone from Within    February 2007

 Magnesium Force    January 2007


 The Missing Zinc    December 2006

The Importance of Vitamin A in Bodybuilding Nutrition     November 2006