The Cheat Supine Triceps Press with an EZ curl bar

I learned this exercise from my friend Mr. Olympia Larry Scott years ago. You need to purchase Scott’s six inch tricep bench. This bench allows you to pull the weight over your head without needing a spotter. You will be using massive weights to develop size in the inner head of the triceps. Start with a warm up light weight for 10 reps. Use gym chalk on the palm because when the weight gets heavier the chalk will act as cushion on your palm and allow you to handle big weights. After the warm up for 10 reps add 50 pounds and do 8 reps. Then go to your heaviest weight for 6 reps. You need to get three sets of 6 reps. When you push up bridge off the bench where your butt comes off the bench and really push to the top. The key in this exercise is to use massive weights and bridge to get that last two reps on each set. At the end, your triceps will swell with size….Next Month the fabulous Tricep Machine

  Jim Shiblom