From Dave Draper on his Website

One fine spring afternoon in 1969,  I hopped on the 405 freeway  and sped merrily to Long Beach to visit with Rheo Blair, my friend through my good friend Larry Scott. The vehicle was my hopped-up-jewel blue dune buggy and the passenger was my hopped up spirit muscle and might 21 year old Austrian companion in a torn  t-shirt , the governor. Zoom Zoom. Rheo, a self made nutritionist whose specialty was building lean mass, considered it a life or death matter to meet Arnold and offer him a basket of his popular food supplements as a welcome  to America gift. How could I refuse?

"Thanks Rheo" in broken English, "You are American champion. We must go". The fiberglass dunne buggy  was topless  and reminded me of a freeway surfboard. It skidded about us as I weaved my way home through traffic at what seemed like incredibly high speeds: nothing was in focus but the setting sun. Arnold sat in the back seat, which was raised  like a throne to accommodate the screaming engine below, clutching a chrome roll bar for support. More than once he stood up and roared at the cars to the left and the right with a clenched hand raised high punching the air, his hair straight out, eyes squinted and tearing and a grin  as big as his biceps pumping up his face--a warrior commanding his chariot. A generous supply of Blair's Protein, choline and inositol sat on the floor beside us, our booty, the secret stuff of muscles in a box. Thank God life is made up of moments such as these. Let someone else govern California, the lads busy. We made it home unscathed in time for squats. - Dave Draper

Note: Draper is a former Mr. America, Mr. Universe and Mr. World winner. He also appeared on television and made some movies. In 2003 E! The True Hollywood Story did an entire hour on Dave Draper.