This is the Rheo H Blair and Company building in Yuba City that Rheo purchased in 1975. It was the major shipping place of Blairs Protein across the country. It was located in a distribution center outlet.

Photos taken by  Lee Milligan Jr


This is the building that Rheo H Blair purchased in 1975 in Yuba City, Calif. It was to serve as the main distribution center for the company's product line. All supplements were shipped from Yuba City. It had an office and a warehouse where the famous Blairs Protein was tinned and sold in the famous tin cans.The building was located at 3100 Industrial Drive in Yuba City, Calif.  some 600 miles from Los Angeles, Calif. Even after Rheo's death in 1983, the company continued to operate in this building until 1989 when the company closed the operation.