I saw on you tube Larry Scott talked about
using his Hypergrowth to put on any kind of fat.
He said with body fat you are strong. What really
concerns me is Scott said to put on any kind of fat,
which means to me take his product to get fat. Is
this what Rheo advocated years ago? Scott once
was quoted as saying "Hypergrowth will put 20
pounds on you in 3-4 months.

Answer: This is total nonsense because it took
Scott years to get to 212 pounds. He weighed
170 around 1960 and by 1966 was at 212. This
means it took him six years to pack on 42 pounds
which comes to 7 pounds per year. If you pack on
20 pounds in four months, you are going to be fat. Lean
muscle means packing on 7-10 pounds per year. It
took me seven years to go from 180 to 245 naturally.
If you use any protein and pack on 20 pounds in that
short of time, it is loaded with carbs and sugars and you
will gain fat. Art Jones inventor of the Nautilus once said
"If you gain weight fast, you will develop fat cells and if
you lose the weight fast, the fat cells will not go away. Make
sure to always check the carbs and sugars on a product.


What champion holds the record for taking large
amounts of Blair's Protein?

Answer: Gable Boudreaux three cups per day.

What brand of vitamins do you recommend? There
are so many on the market?

Answer: Always use pharmaceutical grade vitamins. The
ones sold in the health stores ARE NOT pharmaceutical grade
I use Bronson and they have been in business since 1960. They
were one of the first to manufacture pharmaceutical grade
vitamins. More than 25,000 doctors have recommended their
vitamins and supplements. They have the best powder Vitamin
C in the world and it really works.

What was your opinion of Kent Kuehn who worked at
Gold's Gym years ago?

Answer: A oddball to say the least.


When you trained at Gold's in the summer of 1971 how
much was the yearly membership?

Answer: $100 and that was a steal of a deal. They did not
have that many members back then and the gym was never
crowded. Joe Gold never opened the gym to make money.

Did Rheo Blair eat much? I never read where he ate much

Answer: When I met him he was living off his protein and cream
during the day. He ate dinner which consisted of steak. He would
drink wine as he believed it enhanced the digestion process once
he ate the steak. Remember Rheo was 51 when I met him, so
maybe in the 50's he ate more.

Your Blair website is fantastic with all the reading. How long did
it take you to get all the information?

Answer: Probably a couple of years. Lee Milligan Jr is a true friend
and took the pictures of Rheo's old distribution building. I told
Lee where the address was and he drove down there and snapped
the pictures. Lee also took pics of Rheo's retail store, which was
run by Freddy. I remember going by that store in August 1971 and
Freddy was running the store. That store was great. It had all of
Rheo's products and I saw some tv personalities purchasing their
Blair products. The shelves were loaded with soybro, liver extract
in bottles of 500 and 1,000 capsules. I ordered about $250 worth
and had Freddy ship the products via UPS back to my home, since
there were too many products to take on the airplane back home.