I just watched a video where Larry Scott is
promoting his UltraPro. He acts like a kid
talking about ratios and claims bodybuilders
today bulk up and trim with his formula. He
goes into detail about Rheo Blair knowing
it all. Come on is this for real?

Answer:  Scott still has excitment for his
products working. I never used UltraPro
and the ingredients say its whey concentrate.
He once said he could not recommend Dave
Draper's product because he has not used it,
so I cannot recommend his for the same reason
I do believe Larry lives in the past with some of
Rheo's ideas instead of the present. What was
good in the 60's is not necesarily great today.
Top bodybuilders no longer bulk up and trim
down like years ago. I mean come on they were
using steroids like Winstrol to trim and cut, so
how do you know any of Rheo's ratios worked.

Jim is the video of Scott training 6/2/09 staged?

Answer: I do not know what you mean staged. It was
Scott training and he looks damn good at age 70.

If you only had one piece  of equipment to purchase
from Larry Scott, which one would it be?

Answer: The Tricep Machine which must include the
twin pedestal bench. Triceps make up 2/3 of your arm

Who is the strongest bodybuilder you ever  saw train?

Answer:  Franco Columbu

What is the best type protein to get big? Whey, Egg
or a blend?

Answer: The Blend is superior.

Jim if you had only enough money to purchase three
supplements to pack mass, which ones do you recommend?

Answer: Protein Powder, Pharmaceutical Grade BCAA
and Pharmaceutical Grade L-Arginine. Protein builds muscle,
BCAA helps pack mass, recuperate faster. lose fat and
L-Arginine has been considered the most powerful amino acid
ever developed due to its healing properties. L-Arginine helps
strengthen the body's immune system, regulates hormones and
blood sugar, and promotes male fertility.

Is Beverly International Liver tabs the best? I heard reviews.

Answer: I would not take any liver produced in tablet form.
If it is so great, why is it not offered in capsule form. Even
today nothing beats Rheo Blair's Liver Extract.

I read all over the Internet about supplement companies that
claim their products are pharmaceutical grade. Is it BS?

Answer: You better believe it. The FDA lost a court case in
1994 to regulate supplement companies. Companies put what
they want on the labels. The truth is pharmaceutical grade
products are expensive.