I used Larry Scott's Magic Growth Powder years ago.
It seems that nobody heard of it. Larry changed the
formula and it became Hypergrowth, which was not as
good. Did the Magic Growth Powder contain raw milk?

Answer:  I used it years ago. As a matter of fact, I was one
of six people Scott sent the powder to for me to try. When
he sold it in cans, it stated on the label "we use the finest raw
milk protein". Whether it acutally contained raw milk may be a
mystery because I do not think he could get it through production
since raw milk is banned in most states, but you never know. All
I know it was a great protein and I used it for several years. It
was the finest power I ever saw. You stayed pump and got strong
but it was a whopping 36% lactose (Blair's was 38%)

Jim I heard Clarence Ross died. Is this true and did he
have two hip operations?

Answer:  Yes he passed away. In the old days, Clancy trained three
times per week and squatted three times per week. All the old timers
back in the 40's and 50's did this. I can think of many that had hip
operations including John Grimek

What is the biggest arm on any bodybuilder you ever saw?

Answer:  Sergio Oliva hands down and you had to see it to
believe it. I saw him in 1971. Second would be Arnold

What age would you advise to stop squatting at?

Answer:  If you have been squatting since you were 21
heavy, you should stop at age 40 or maybe 45, I stopped
at age 43. My thighs are still big and I do heavy leg presses
The back can only take so much after 20 years. Be smart

What bodypart is the worse get injured?

Answer: The shoulders because every exercise you do
affects the shoulders. Once they are injured you will not
be able to train like you want doing exercises like pulldowns,
flyes, bench presses, incline presses, back work. Get it!

Did Rheo Blair have squat racks in his home? I also heard
he had chinning bars all over the ceiling?

Answer: Yes at one time he did, but that was when he trained.
By the time I met him, he did not feel you needed to train much

Who was the company that produced Blair's Soybro and
is there any other company that makes that product?

Answer: Professional Foods in Cedar Rapids, Iowa produced
this since the 50's. They are out of business. There was a company
called Progena that produce Rheo's Soybro in the same formula,
which was out of New Mexico. However they stopped producing
that product due ot lack of sales. I use to purchase this from them
seven years ago

Is there really a company that produced Blair's Protein in
Wisconsin years ago? I use to read where the milk and eggs
were advertised as coming from select Wisconsin farms. This
was around 1969.

Answer:  As far as I know the company that produced Blair's protein
back around 1969 was located in Glendale, California. The eggs came
from Petaluma, which was the egg capital of the world at one time. So
no that is incorrect. Now when Rheo lived in Chicago in the 50's and
had his gym, there may have been a lab located in Wisconsin which
produced his protein. He may have decided for business reasons to
stick with the ads, which stated it was produced in Wisconsin.


What states produces the most milk? What state produces the
most eggs?

Answer: California produces the most milk with Wisconsin second
Iowa produces the most eggs with Ohio second, Indiana third,
Pennsylvania fourth and California fifth.


Is there any truth to some eggs containing Omega 3?

Answer: Rose Acre Farms GOLDEN-PREMIUM eggs come from
chickens that have been fed a special diet of premium grains fortified
with Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamin E. Rose Acre is
located in Indiana and owns farms across the country, They are one
of the biggest. They also sell egg white protein with no flavoring or