You trained with Larry Scott. What were the exercises
you saw him use for arms and how much weight did he use?

Answer: Larry used 100 lb dumbbells on preacher curls
for 6 reps supersetted with 135 pound barbell. For triceps
he went up to 295 with an ez curl bar close grip bench on his
tricep bench. He supersetted using his famous tricep machine
for 4 or 5 series. For forearms he supersetted light and heavy
weight using his forearm bench. He used up to 205 for 12
reps on the heavy side and maybe 115 for the light side


Did you ever meet Jack Lalanne?

Answer: Yes a few times. He turns 95 in 2009
and still works out. He has his nutrition down to
a science. He eats egg whites and soy but no
milk products. He trains for an hour and then
swims or walks for a half hour


Armand Tanny died recently at age 90. Did you ever
meet him and what do you think of the Tanny's ?

Answer:   I never met Armand but heard he was a great
person. Vic was a legend when he opened up gyms in L.A
in the 1940's. He pioneered his success into 90 gyms across
the country. By 1963 he sold maybe half of them. Armand
was Mandy Tannys father. Armand was 7 years younger than
Vic and was the bodybuilder in the family.


Zabo Koszewski or Irvin as they called him
also died recently at age 84. Did you meet

Answer: Yes I met Zabo in the summer of
1971 when I trained at the original Gold's Gym.
He trained around 8 am. I would sometimes train
early and see him doing the roman chair sit ups for
an hour. He was polite to me. I think Zabo was
married 4 or 5 times. He married a young spanish
woman around 1970 and had a daughter born.
I remember in 1971 he drove around in an old
green Volkswagen. I would see him and some
of his friends in that VW


I read that Ric Drasin claimed he could
out bench press Arnold in the early days.
Did you ever see that?

Answer:  I trained at the original Gold's when I
was out of college for the summer of 1971. I
never saw that. What I saw was Franco beating
everyone in all the exercises. He was a nice guy


Did you ever train at Vince's Gym?

Answer: One time in the summer of 1971. I do
not see what Larry Scott ever saw in that gym.
To me that gym was nothing, except Vince had
the best dumbbells and some great pulleys.
He had a lousy wooden bench press. Whoever
heard of a wooden bench in a famous gym


What were the top three gyms you ever
trained at?

Answer: The original Gold's Gym owned by
Joe Gold. The Gold's on Hampton in Venice
today. The Austin Gym in Dallas, Texas where
Ray "Thunder" Stern trained. Ray was worth
millions with 9 Rolls Royce's. He was a bodybuilder
wrestler in the late 50's and early 60's. A nice man