What was the first protein company?

Answer: Naturade

Jim who was Clayton that use to post on Ironage?

Answer:  This was a mystery but it was not me. Actually
it is an old school champion that trained at Gold's in the
60's and early 70's. He used Clayton as a pin name because
for his own reasons did not want anyone to know who he was
He may have had some problems with Joe Gold at one time.
He signed a contract with me and distributed Blair's Protein
at one time.

I saw some pictures of Freddy Ortiz and Franco
Columbu. I heard that Ortiz arms were much
bigger and they were both 5'5". What's the story?

Answer:  I have an old ironman where Oritz and
Columbu were in the 1968 Mr. Universe. Ortiz arms
dwarfed Franco's and Ortiz was reported as 19 1/2" cold.

Jim why did Larry Scott not purchase the Blair
Company when he had a chance to do so?

Answer:  All his money was tied up in his new bio-phase
computer training back around 1989. Scott really did
not think the company would fold, even though it was
in trouble. He told me he turned down the offer.

Jim did you ever hear of Chuck Sipes bench pressing
570 pounds back in 1968?

Answer: Here we go again. There have been people that
claim they saw him bench press 500 for a single in street
clothes, which is impressive. Then another said he saw
Sipes bench 505 for 5 reps in the Mid City Gym in 1969
Bench pressing for reps and doing singles are different.
If you bench 505 fo reps and add 65 pounds your shoulder
may not be able to take that kind of poundage. I knew a
bench presser who could do 450 for 8 reps. He weighed
225 at 5'6". It was assumed he could bench press 540 for
a single but nobody ever saw that friend of mine do it. Reps
and singles are totally different.

Jim who invented the Moore's Squat Rack in the 60's?

Answer: Jim Moore