Who did Hammer Strength sell out to years ago?

Answer: Hammer was invented by Gary Jones, whose father
invented the Nautilus Machines. Gary sold the company to
Life Fitness in 1997. In June 1997 Brunswick acquired
Life fitness for $310 million. Brunswick is a multinational company
serving the outdoor and indoor recreation markets. In 2008
Brunswick reported net sales of 4.7 billion

How much did Joe Gold sell the "Original Gold's for?

Answer: Joe Gold sold his gym for $70,000 which
included the land to Ken Sprague who teaches science at
a Marietta High School in Georgia. Ken owned the gym for
about ten years before selling it.

What do you think of the "Original Nautilus Machines"?

Answer: I was one of the first to use them in the summer
of 1971 in Atlanta. The owners had six machines and you
had to load the plates. They were fantastic, especially the
arm machines and the pullover. Later Jones made them
selectorized with weight stacks. Nautilus ruled the market
from 1970 until 1985 when Jones sold the company

What do you think of the bodybuilding magazines today?

Answer: They are pure junk with advertising of products
which makes you think the pros get big using them. The
pros get big using steroids. The old magazines like IronMan
which was owned by Peary Rader would help trainees. I
have IronMan magazines which date back to 1960. In those
days, Ironman was geared to athletes, powerlifters and olympic
weightlifters.. It truly was a great magazine. I have been told that
what Balik produces today is junk. I never read any magazine

Why did Larry Scott and Rheo Blair believe
in 2 cups of protein per day? I mean that is
just too much for me and many others

Answer: I thought so myself until Rheo and Larry
told me to do it. I took two cups for many years
until I got to where I wanted. It worked as my
weight and size increased and so did my strength.
Larry believed unless you took that much you
would never realize big gains. Over the years I trained
more than 2,000 Blair clients using this same approach.

Rheo Blair developed so many products. In
your opinion which ones were the best?

Answer: Blair's Original Protein, Liver Extract
and the Amino Acid Capsules.

I read where you met Freddy Lindblad before
he died. What were the circumstances because
I ordered from him and he was good to me.

Answer: I saw Freddy at his house in November
1997 and he passed away February 21, 1998
He was not big time like everyone thought but he
portrayed himself that way to try and keep Rheo's
name alive. Freddy died at age 84 and as we talked
he said he has traveled across the country playing
the organ for years. He met Rheo Blair in 1967 when
he was in poor health. Freddy turned his health around
ran Rheo's retail store on Western Avenue. When I
met Rheo in the summer of 1971, I dropped by his
retail store and purchased Blair products from Freddy.