I have heard this term "The Golden Age of
Bodybuilding? What does this refer to?

Answer: The golden age of bodybuilding refers to the
1950's. It was during this period that gyms and health
clubs sprang up. Vic Tanny had 90 gyms, the American
Health Studios and European Health Spas all flourished
during this era.

Who was the first bodybuilder to win a famous title to
start it all?

Answer: Bert Goodrich won the 1939 Mr. America

Jim was Blair's Protein ever produced in the state of
Wisconsin or was it produced in California? Also where
did the eggs in Blair's come from?

Answer: Blair's was produced in Wisconsin and then
California. The eggs came from Petaluma years ago and
back then the city was the egg capital of the world. This
may have been in the early 60's when Rheo relocated from
Chicago to Los Angeles.

Did Peary Rader who owned IronMan Magazine ever sell
a protein powder? I heard he did but could not find where
it was advertised anywhere.

Answer: In the early 60's. Rader sold a milk protein which
was 85% lactalbumin. The protein was discontinued later

Jim I am going to name four old school magazines and you
tell me which ones are the best: Muscle Builder, IronMan,
Muscular Development and Muscle Training Illustrated

Answer: IronMan wins hands down

When did Peary Rader start the old IronMan Magazine?

Answer: 1936


Which protein is superior? Caseinate, whey isolate, whey
concentrate or egg protein?

Answer: Whey Isolate