Is it harmful using protein powders with sucralose in them?

Answer: I would not use any protein that contains sucralose or
anything artificial, which includes flavoring. Companies using this
ingredient are going to tell you it is safe. Sucralose is 600 times
sweeter than sugar. Dr. Janet Hull's new book reveals new
evidence that sucralose can harm your body. Companies need
to use natural stevia but they will not due to the expense

I cannot use whey protein due to the lactose, so what is the

Answer: My advice is to use Egg White Protein but be careful
which one you use. The best egg protein powders around are
Victory Egg Protein, which is all natural and no sweeteners.
1964 Mr. America Val Vasilef company Vitol Egg Protein is also
good with no sweeteners. The last one is former Mr. Olympia
Frank Zane Egg White Protein, which cost more than the other
two I mentioned.

What is the best exercise to build huge triceps?

Answer: The Larry Scott Tricep Machine with the twin
pedestal bench. I use it at home and it really builds huge triceps.
If you do not have it at home, then use exercises like weighted
dips, one arm dumbell tricep extension behind the head.

Did you ever see Dorian Yates train?

Answer: Yes back in 1995 when he came to Atlanta and trained at
Coffee's Gym. He was huge and weighed maybe 285. This was in the
off season. I liked his style of training over any other Mr. Olympia
winners I met. He trained with heavy weights and low sets. I never did
agree with past champions training 20 sets per bodypart.

What do you think of Ellington Darden?

Answer: The man has written many books and he has studied training
and nutrition for years, so you respect that. He has a place in the old
school of bodybuilding. However in his heyday, he slammed the big
champions way of training and I viewed him years ago as a jealous
bodybuilder, probably because he did not have the genetics to get big.

Who was the bodybuilder Art Jones, the inventor of the famous
Nautilus Machines, referred to as the man he pistol whipped
for attemtping to sell his son steroids in the early 1970's?

Answer: Casey Viator told me back in 1997 when he lived in Atlanta
that it was a bodybuilder with the initials R.C. I guess he did not want
to reveal who it was, but that is all I know. Maybe we should get
unsolved mysteries to solve this case. Steroids are the worse, yet
bodybuilders still use them. They cry foul when they are my age and
all their size and power are gone. Do I feel sorry for them? No way

I had a pinch nerve in my neck and the Sports Medicine Doctor
told me to lay off for maybe 8 months. I want to return to the
weight room and feel that 3 months is enough. What do you think?

Answer: I still have no injuries in my late 50's. You must follow what
your doctor says. Three months is too short. A pinch nerve injury can
end your lifting days. I know someone who did not listen and he is
now permanently injured. He sits out in California and talks about the
good old days.