Jim did you ever met old school short bodybuilders like Freddy
Oritz, Joe Nista or Hugo Labra. I am short and wonder what
you think of these bodybuilders?

Answer: Freddy Oritz had the largest arms but was not in the
class of Joe Nista. I met Joe in 1975 and trained at his gym
briefly. He was one of the nicest guys I ever met. You better
pick up your weights when you train there, or you would be asked
to leave. Vince Gironda would have thrown you out of his gym
but Joe Nista was more classy when he asked you to leave. Joe
had the best shaped triceps I ever saw on any size bodybuilder.
Joe had great lines and competed for years. One session Joe
gave a few of us demonstrations of the proper way to do a spider
curl and concentraion curl.I was never impressed Hugo Labra,
exceot her was strong on olympic lifting.

Jim what are your impressions of Sandy Nista? I read over at the
ironage website about her. She use to do ads for Weider in the late
60's. Man she was such a beauty. Did she train with weights?

Answer: I recently became friends with Sandy. Let me sum up using
these words: elegance, class, beauty, sophistication, intelligence, charming,
Do I need to go on? She trains at 5:30 am and I talked to her a couple of
weeks ago for an hour. She has been training maybe 50 years. Anyone
that needs a fitness coach or want her for seminars can contact me. The
experience Sandy has cannot be measured in terms of "Oh I passed the
cerfitification as a trainer and now I am licensed at age 22" Are you
kidding, it takes years and she has it. In the age we live in very few women
have the background Sandy has. She grew up in fitness because of her
dad. I admired and liked her dad Joe.

Jim I heard that Arnold and all the guys use to eat at the famous Zucky's.
Was that the place back then?

Answer: The Zucky's sign is still there today because it is a famous landmark
The resaturant is gone but in the old days, it was the place to eat.. When I
trained at Gold's in the summer of 1971 and 1975, I ate there at 10 pm and
also in the morning. A bunch of us would have omlettes and bacon and then
head to the gym.

Jim when you trained at the original Gold's Gym, who was the first big
named bodybuilder you met?

Answer: Dave Draper around 8 am in the morning. Dave sat down on the steps
and offered me free advice.