I purchased Blair's from the guy you sold it to back in January 2006. The guy died in a race car accident a few months ago at age 41. Does the Blair Protein Formula revert back to you? Do you have any plans of bringing Blair's Protein back?

Answer: I received many letters on this subject. The person I sold the formula to was a rich individual but knew little about the protein business. Alot of peole did not believe he owned the formula as he was not well known. Gym owners did not purchase from him. It is unfortunate but I heard this individual was a high roller and I guess his time ended on the race track in Northern California. He did not have any children and his parents are deceased, so the formula does not pass to anyone. I still have the Blair Protein formula in my files. The lab which produced it still has it in their computer. There is a chance Blair's Protein would return in the future. I am working on several supplement projects right now.

What exercise would you recommend to build the neck?

Answer: At my age I still have a 18 inch neck and work it regularly. You
can use the headstrap with weight, the Nautilus neck machine or do
neck bridges. Many feel neck bridges are not safe but that is incorrect.
Start out with no weight and eventually hold a dumbell or barbell overhead
as you rock back and forth. This is the exercise that built my neck, which
at one time measured 19 inches. A neck should never look like a stack
of dimes.

Can you build big calves or is this hereditary?

Answer: You can build big calves but you may never attain the size you
want. Hereditary does play a role. Use three exercises and work heavy
each set. Five sets of 12-15 reps. Use the seated calf raise, donkey machine
and the old standing calf raise. The trouble with the standing calf raise, is
most gyms do not have enough weight to allow you to handle the weight
you need. I saw Arnold back in 1971 at Gold's use the stack and a woman
sitting on top of the machine. It was probably 1,000 pounds. Total sets
should be 15 on three exercises and work them twice per week.

What is the best exercise to build forearms?

Answer: The Larry Scott Forearm Bench. You must get that bench. It is
square and you can get your knees around it. A barbell on each side. One
side is light and the other heavy. Alternate back and forth for five sets.
On the light side make the weight maybe 40% less than the heavy side and
let the bar uncurl on your fingers. On the heavy barbell release the grip
and let it roll half way up and down not really strict.

What is the best brand of steak to eat that will help put on mass and weight?
I am very particular on which brand of steak I eat.

Answer: The Kansas City Steaks sold on QVC. I only eat
steak about once every two months. I will look for restaurants that carry
the Kansas City brand. You can also order on line at their website, which
is kansascitysteaks.com  as they have been in business since 1932.

I used a pharmaceutical grade powder Branch Chain Amino Acids which
Mr. Olympia Larry Scott sold in the early to mid 90's. You knew Scott
well, so is there any chance you can get this great product again?

Answer: I first purchased this product from Larry when it hit the market
in May 1991. It was called Professional Branch Chains Amino Acids. It
was suppose to be his formula but he found a lab which produced the
exact formula he wanted to, so he had the lab sell it to him. He then sold
it to his clients. I think he discontinued it because the majority of his
clients were beginners and intermediates and this was a expensive product.
I have received many letters from former clients requesting this product.
I am working on this project right now