Jim your ask column is the most information around.
You are the answer man. See if you can tell me this:
I heard Larry Scott sold three different protein powders
over the years. What were they? I thought there was
only one, which is Hypergrowth.

Answer: In 1978 Scott started selling a protein which was
called "Larry Scott Formula". He sold it in his health and
racquetball club. It was Blair's packaged under Larry's name
He got me to purchase twenty eight 4 lb bags and sell it at
the first seminar he did for me in 1978. I sold out. However
I was already a distributor for Rheo Blair, so I had to stop
selling it due to conflict of interest. His second protein came
out in September 1989 and called "Super Weight Gain". It
was a milk and egg loaded with tofu and was lactose free.
In the fall of 1992, he sent me a free four pound can of his
new protein which was called "Magic Growth Powder". This
protein was expensive to produce. It was 36% lactose and
the label stated in had raw milk. Around 1995 he changed
the formula and used whey concentrate as the primary source
This powder was called "Hypergrowth". I did not like the new
version and felt the magic growth powder was superior. I
stopped using it after I got the Blair Protein Formula. So he
actually had four protein powders that I know of.

Jim I am lactose tolerant. What is the strongest
lactase capsule on the market to use?

Answer: NSI go to www.gonsi.com and purchase the
lactase capsules from them

Jim did you ever meet Vince Gironda?

Answer: One time and I told him he had the worse
bench press around, which was wooden. I knew he
would respond by telling me off, so I told him on
my way out of his gym before he could get it in.

Why did Rheo Blair recommend drinking a glass
of wine before he ate a steak?

Answer:  It helps digest the steak

Which barbell manufacturer came first Paramount
or Ivanko?

Answer: None, the first barbell manufacturer was Milo,
then York Barbell in 1934, which is still in business today
Paramount came in the 1950's and Ivanko in 1967.