What do you think of former Mr. Olympia
Frank Zane new XYZ Protein?

Answer: You might as well call it ABC or DEF. It
is too expensive and contains too much cholesterol.
There is 65 mg of cholesterol per scoop and this
is suppose to be a great product? Who are you
kidding? Sugars are 6 and carbs are 8. Even Blair's
Protein did not have as many carbs and had only
15 mg per scoop in cholesterol. This product is only
65% protein. Divide a 40 gram serving into 26 grams
of protein. Do the math? If this was a great protein,
it would be 90-95% protein with zero carbs.

I want massive forearms after seeing the late
Chuck Sipes. How do I get them?

Answer: Purchase Larry Scott's Forearm Bench

What is the best brand powder Vitamin C?

Answer: Bronson is the best and was recommended
by the great Linus Paulding. He was born in 1901
and lived until 1994. He was one of the most
influential chemists in the 20th century and the first
to work in the areas of quantum chemistry and
orthomolecular medicine, He won multiple Nobel

I saw pictures of Ken Waller recently. He looks
like he weighs around 175. He is so skinny. What
happened to him?

Answer: It looks like to me he has been off steroids
for years and injuries have set in. I am not a doctor
but many great champions are nothing now due to
their heavy steroid use years ago.

When did Joe Gold sell the original Golds' Gym?
I heard it was in late 1971

Answer: At the end of 1969, Joe sold it to Bud Danits
who was a antique dealer from Chicago. Joe was gone
before Arnold had even won the Mr. Olympia

When did Joe Gold open World's Gym?

Answer: Joe opened in 1977 and owned the franchise
until he died in 2004

Who invented the Universal Gym System that was
sold to all the high schools in the 1960's?

Answer: Chuck Coker