Jim is Carlson's Raw Liver the same as Rheo's and
I heard it is no longer available?

Answer: Carlson's was not the same and they have
eliminated selling it due to demand. The only sell the
Buffalo Liver now and I would not buy it. When they sell
out of the product, it will not be produced anymore.


What do you think of NSP 92% Milk and Egg?

Answer: Let me put it this way I have never used it, so
if I thought it was great, I would have purchased it. First
of all who ever heard of a milk and egg protein in cherry
flavor? Also it is priced way to high? There are three grades
of calcium caseinate: regular, medium and extra. I used extra
in Blair's, but I doubt if the man who owns NSP uses this
high grade of calcium caseinate. He claims 92% protein
but if you divide serving size, which is 35 grams into the
number of grams of protein 28.5, you come out with 82%
protein and not 92%. Now the product could be 92%
protein and the remaining ingredients 8%, but the product
does not say that, I would assume my calculations are

Jim what happened to the old York Olympic Plates?
I heard they are no longer available and the ones sold
by York Barbell today come from China.

Answer:  Things have changed. The company was sold and
the main offices are in Canada, with the corporate in York.
The famous York Olympic Standard Plates are back on
their website. They are called Legacy York Olympic Plates.
The olympic bars are also back. The same plates and bars
that I have at home are back and ready for sale.This is great
news and I let Dave and Laree Draper know that and they
thanked me because people post on their forum about those
York Standard Olympic Plates. Dave Draper is shown with
his top squat bar using York Olympic Plates. If you want the
"original" York Olympic Bar it is item #32004 and the price
is $380