What is your opinion on bodybuilders who use steroids?

Answer: They have no place in my life or bodybuilding. It is a shame the sport has not cleaned
up their act. I heard one idiot in the movie stronger and faster say he would always be
on them. Sure he will until around age 50 when he has a heart attack and dies.The late
great Reg Park once said "I compare people who takes steroids with guys who rob banks."

How many times have you met Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Answer: I met him in the summer of 1971 when I was out of college for sthe summer, again in
1989 at the first Arnold Classic and a few times at World Gym in the 90's. He is a very
unique man. I sent him some free Blair's Protein years back.

What would you recommend for someone who wants to gain 20 pounds of mass?

Answer: Eat six meals per day. Three regular meals and three protein drinks. Eat chicken,
turkey, tuna, vegetables, fruits and drink plenty of water. If you are under 35 eat
steak two or three times per week.

You have met some of the biggest names in bodybuilding. If you had one word to describe each
of them what would it be?

Answer: Arnold would be charismatic, Frank Zane methodical and Dave Draper disciplined

I was told you were the first to promote women's bodybuilding in Atlanta. Is this true and when
was this?

Answer: Yes that is correct. In 1983 I promoted the first women's bodybuilding contest. However
when the women started looking like men I stopped.

What do you think of personal trainers today?

Answer: This is a joke. You get your certification and think you are ready at age 22. Who are
you kidding? It takes years of training in a gym to develop and know all routines. A
perfect example is I saw one individual consult a personal trainer on how to get mass
and power. This guy wanted to gain from 185 to 200. The personal trainer never weighed
over 175 in his life and did not know how to advise him, yet this trainer had his so called
certification, bachelor's degree but no clue how to pack on mass.

Which bodybuilder was the biggest influence on you which helped you get mass and power?

Answer: I was the biggest influence through dedication, discipline,attitude and perseverance.
However knowing Mr. Olympia Larry Scott and Rheo Blair helped get the mass
and power much quicker. I learned some great tips from Larry and more about
nutrition and supplements.